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  Mietke 1702-4

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We make a variety of models based on historical examples. Some are rather strict copies while others are loosely based on a ‘school’ of instruments. While listed here are some examples of instruments that have been ordered in the past, in fact, any other model can be considered as we only make one instrument at a time. Shown above is just a small selection.

All instruments are built using only those materials and methods which were standard practice in the 17th and 18th C. This includes wooden jacks, string material composition reproduced after original samples by Oxford University, and when available, Swiss spruce soundboard wood dating from 1650-1775.

Instruments are normally quilled in delrin but may be bird quilled by request. Any decoration is possible. Some of the world’s best artisans are still at work in nearby Florence.

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Taskin 1769 - double manual
Hemsch 1756 - double manual
Blanchet 1730 - double manual

Andreas Ruckers 1640 - single manual
Couchet 1650 - virginal
Ruckers (Colmar) - double manual
J. Dulcken 1745 - double manual

M. Mietke 1702/4 - double manual & single manual
C. Zell 1728 double and single manual
C. Hubert 1782 - clavichord
C. Vater 1738 - single manual

Guisti 1684 - single manual
Pertitus 1684 - single manual
Pisaurensis 1543 - clavichord
Various other Italian models

Kennedy Harpsichords is a small workshop in Tuscany, Italy building harpsichords and clavichords after 17th and 18th Century historical models. Our instruments can be found throughout the world and heard on more than 100 recordings. Keywords: harpsichord, harpsichords, clavecin, clavecins, cembalo, cembalos, clavicembalo, clavicembeli, kennedy, bruce kennedy, kennedyharpsichords, kennedy harpsichords, clavichord, clavichords, tuscany, toscana, handel house museum, gustav leonhardt, pierre hantai, skip sempe, yoshio watanabe, robert woolley, christophe rousset, mietke, taskin, colmar ruckers, etc.